Student Wellbeing

The Wellbeing of each student is fundamental to being successful at school

Positive Relationships

Each individual is created in the image of God, and as such each student is treated gently, justly and with dignity. Our high expectations provide a framework that promotes stability, harmony and enables success for each student. Students are encouraged to be reflective and discuss with staff and their peers how they can best be supported to demonstrate growth.  Specific programs are taught to enable students to develop life-long social skills and to foster successful relationships with others.

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and happy environment for all students and staff

The expectation for the behaviour of all students is to be positive, safe and respectful.

We encourage students to make good decisions and to act responsibly and ethically.  We believe it's important to work with parents to develop students skills in how to:

  • recognise and manage emotions
  • show respect and care for self and others
  • develop positive relationships
  • make good decisions
  • behave responsibly and ethically.

We believe students develop personal responsibility when there is a whole school approach. This is underpinned by caring relationships, active learning and an engaging curriculum that is flexible and responsive to student needs and is within a context of wider environmental and community relationships.

Students are taught that only they themselves can manage their behaviour and, as such, they need to take responsibility for the choices they make, accept the consequences of their actions, and support the rights of others.