Family and Carer Involvement

Our families and volunteers are an integral part of our school community

There are a variety of ways in which parents, grandparents and carers can become involved in our school community.  Involvement strengthens links between home and school whilst developing a sense of community through:

  • Classroom volunteering
  • Supporting children and staff on school excursions
  • Coaching a sporting team
  • Joining the Parents & Friends and/or the School Board
  • Supporting school fundraising 

**Please see the Front Office prior to volunteering for assistance with the requirements listed below:

As a volunteer it will be necessary to:

  • Complete CESA Application Package and CESA Volunteer Declaration
  • Hold a valid and current Catholic Education Police Clearance
  • Complete the Responding to Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RAN-EC) online training module HERE and provide the completion certificate to the Front Office

School Board

Our School Board operates within the guidelines established by the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools.

It's function is to ensure that schools fulfill it's Christian education responsibility, to give leadership through broad policy development and to administer finances.
This is carried out through partnership developed from within our school community enabling us to become stronger and more effective in our religious dimension, individual identity and educational charter.

The financial responsibilities include the overseeing of the financial management and the efficient use of resources, approving the annual budget of the school, including the setting and collection of fees and making financial recommendations.

Membership of the School Board consists of:

Permanent Board members: 
The Parish Priest and Principal

Elected members: 
A staff representative and a number of parents who may be elected to ‘two year' terms at the Annual General Meeting of the School community. The only qualification necessary is a desire and commitment to be involved in the running of the school.

Parent representatives are elected at the Annual General Meeting during Term 1 of each year.  Board Meetings are held twice per term.

School Board Resource
Catholic Education South Australia have developed a website that provides resources to help school boards in Catholic schools in South Australia.

It was developed in response to requests from principals to digitalise the ‘Manual for School Board Members'.

Annual Community Meeting Reports





Parents & Friends

We are in the process of building our Parent's and Friends Committee and would like to warmly welcome you and your family to our school community.

We hope to soon have a group of parents and friends who will meet regularly to discuss ways to support the building of "community" in the school, through social and fundraising events - both are essential to the life and spirit of St Bernadette's.

The committee usually will be comprised of the following:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • School Principal (or delegate)
  • And a group of parents and friends from the school community.

In the past our committee has organised fundraising activities and events for the children and the school community. The money raised from these events has been used towards purchasing equipment for the students. Some examples from the past few years are: library books, a sand pit pergola, a new BBQ, soccer equipment, TV and DVD for OSHC, outdoor pergola and a large outdoor chess set.

We would love as many parents and friends as possible to volunteer to become involved in this important committee.  

Please register your interest with our Front Office staff.