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From our Principal Ray


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Snack Bar Menu
We have recently been negotiating a new lunch menu for our students with St Mary’s Snack Bar.  You will receive a copy of the menu today which will commence next Monday and offers a wider range of choices.  You will see that you can choose from ‘sometimes’ food and ‘every day’ food and that we have avoided the ‘occasional’ foods, which are generally high in sugars, fats and salt.

Feel free to provide feedback to Karen in the office as we roll out the new menu, as we will review the offerings from time to time.

My 2-Year Appraisal
My recent appraisal was very affirming of my work here, and whilst not official yet, it appears my tenure will continue for at least the next 5 years. I am, however, very aware that my job here is made so much easier through having an incredibly supportive staff, respectful parents who are committed to providing the very best for their children, and the most delightful group of students one could imagine.

The role of principal can at times be challenging and demanding, but I feel very blessed and privileged to be in the position at St Bernadette’s.  Thank you all for your on-going support.

COVID-19 Update
As we slowly emerge from the heavy restrictions we have had over the past few months, we can look forward to the resumption of some activities from the beginning of Term 3.  I will write a more comprehensive letter near the end of term but as of now we can look forward to:

  • parents, volunteers, school support and other service providers being able to again enter school and preschool grounds, though we will ask parents to continue to drop their children off in the morning.  Parents are welcome to wait in the school grounds at the end of the day
  • school assemblies
  • Class masses (initially limited to one class)
  • class photos
  • some camps and excursions where providers can provide adequate space to support physical distancing
  • school sport competitions, sports days and carnivals
  • inter-school choirs, bands and other performing art activities
  • larger face-to-face professional learning activities.
  • Possibly holding our own Harmony Day (in Term 4)

Requirements that remain in place

  • It is important that students and staff stay home if they are unwell.
  • Physical contact (even between students) must be limited. Non-physical greetings should be encouraged.
  • School, preschool or early childhood visits to nursing homes cannot recommence.
  • The general public should not access school playgrounds or play equipment.
  • Parents must continue to physical distance, including at school pick up and drop off.
  • Interstate and overseas travel remains on hold

God bless,