From 3/4 Burns


Year 3/4 Technology – Rubber Band Cars

In Technology sessions, students have been exploring, through play, how movement can be initiated by combining materials and using forces.

Students were given the following design brief:  
You are to create a Lego car which propels itself forward using a rubber band. The aim is to design a car that can travel the furthest distance. 

Students captured their progress by taking photos, drawing diagrams, composing material lists and planning a sequence of production steps in the form of a procedure.

One thing we are proud of is that we were able to make modifications to our car that were successful in making the car go further.

A challenge for us was to find ways to share the workload in getting our poster done.  It was difficult to both be working on the poster at the same time so we needed to discuss how we could make it work!  Mariah & Rithik

One part of the project that went well for us was that we worked well as a team to construct our poster about our car.  We think we designed it really well. 

A challenge was to make modifications and try to make our car go further. Aker & Rhucha

This unit of work was planned and taught by our UniSA student teacher, Mr Cameron Brewster, who has been with us for the past 6 weeks.  The children are looking forward to the ‘Rubber Band Grand Prix’, which will take place tomorrow afternoon as part of Mr Brewster’s last day with us.