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From our Principal Ray


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

On Wednesday, we had the second transition visit for our Term 3 receptions.  This year we have 13 eager young people starting school, which I’m guessing is a record number for St Bernadette’s!  It was such a pleasure to see the joy on the children’s faces as they arrived at school, and the manner in which the existing R/1 students warmly welcomed them was typical of our community.  We look forward to them starting school in July.

Next Monday, June 7, is a pupil free day when the teaching staff and classroom ESOs will be engaging in Professional Learning in ‘Restorative Practices’.  Restorative practice is a whole school teaching and learning approach that encourages behaviour that is supportive and respectful. It puts the onus on individuals to be truly accountable for their behaviour and to repair any harm caused to others as a result of their actions.  We will be working with Michael Lincoln from the Catholic Education Office who has great expertise in this area on Monday and again for one day next term.

Relative to other schools, conflict between individuals at St Bernadette’s is generally infrequent and at a low level.  However, we are all human and as such we need to develop the resilience and skills to resolve the inevitable conflict we will face at some point.  Restorative practices training is another pro-active step we are taking to ensure that the wellbeing of children remains a priority, and that it will stand them in good stead when they move on to secondary school.

Regards and blessings