Catholic Education South Australia



From our Principal Ray


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

As we begin Term 4, I want to thank you all for your support in relocating 3 of our classes into their temporary transportable accommodation.  With the late arrival and preparation of the buildings, things needed to happen with some urgency and I was incredibly proud of all of our staff who worked so hard to ensure the transition would be relatively seamless for the children.  They have adapted extremely well to the change and, apart from some Wi-Fi connectivity issues, things are now in place and we can begin the building project.

Following a thorough tender analysis exercise, we have appointed Minuzzo Project Management to undertake the project.  Late this week we will have a ‘start-up’ meeting with them to establish a start date (likely in 2-3 weeks) and a timeline for the project.  Ideally the first stage which is a total refurbishment of the classroom building will be completed by late April so that students can be in their new classrooms by the beginning of Term 2.  Following this the Specialist rooms and the courtyard will be completed.  We can all expect some inconvenience during this time, but I am confident the outcome will mean the creation of outstanding learning spaces for students and staff.

Planning is also well underway for 2022.  Today you will receive a form asking you to confirm your child’s enrolment at St Bernadette’s next year.  We also want to ensure we are aware of any pre-school aged children who will be enrolling in the next few years, as the continued growth in enrolments makes forward planning essential.  Our current data indicates that we will begin next year with six classes, with the possibility of a seventh from Term 3.  I also anticipate a big spike in enrolments in 2023, so having as much information as possible will ensure we have the necessary infrastructure in place to continue providing an excellent learning environment for all.

Term 4 is always an extremely busy and exciting time.  There are a number of events across the term so please check the term calendar you received last week so you are aware of what’s coming up.

Regards and blessings,