Catholic Education South Australia



From our APRIM Stef


I’m sure you’d all agree that it was wonderful to be able to finally gather in community, in a relaxed setting outdoors last Tuesday for our school’s Carols Evening, with our students from diverse faiths and cultures performing proudly for families under the direction of our very talented Mrs Turnbull.  A highlight was the Nativity directed by Mrs Hinter and acted out by our Reception/Year 1 children.  In spite of the very warm day, it ended up being a very comfortable and enjoyable night!

Next Monday we will celebrate our Year 6’s at their Graduation ceremony and we wish them all the very best at their new schools. May they always be true to themselves and their God. On Wednesday we will gather for our End of Year Mass to thank God for all the graces we have received throughout 2021 and for the opportunities we have had to grow in faith and in our learning. Unfortunately due to number restrictions in the Church we are unable to have families join us. 

As this is my final newsletter before my upcoming retirement I would like to say THANKYOU to all of you – staff, students and families for your love and support. You have all been a significant part of my journey during the 10 years that I have been at St Bernadette’s in my role as Assistant Principal in Religious Identity and Mission. Thankyou for being my travelling companions. I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful community, which is so diverse and inclusive and very supportive. I have taught many of your children, helped prepare them for the Sacraments, and organized Masses and Graduations and many other events and I will walk away with so many memories … the friendships forged, the many serious chats, the shared laughter, the occasional tears… but most of all the authentic relationships and the smiling faces.

THANKYOU for my farewell celebrations, including my family as part of the surprise, the generous gifts from students, staff and the school community, and in particular the canvas with all the thumbprints.

It will be difficult to leave St Bernadette’s which feels like one big family, but I believe that this is the right time for me and my own family. Mr T and I have 4 beautiful daughters and 8 grandchildren, so I know I’ll be called upon to help them out at various times. I will be turning over a new page in my book of life and I don’t know what plans God has for me but I will come back to visit and see the new classrooms next year.

May God continue to bless you and keep you all safe and happy. You are all ‘God’s Treasures’ and I wish you the peace, happiness, and love that the true meaning of Christmas brings.

“A child is born. A birth is always a source of hope; it is life that blossoms, a promise of the future. Moreover, this Child, Jesus, was born “to us”: an “us” without any borders, privileges or exclusions. The Child born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem was born for everyone: he is the “son” that God has given to the entire human family…… Thanks to this Child, we can all call one another brothers and sisters, for so we truly are. We come from every continent, from every language and culture, with our own identities and differences, yet we are all brothers and sisters.” (Pope Francis, 2020)

As we prepare for the miracle of Christmas we recall the wondrous event of God revealing Godself… entering human history and human relationships. The shepherds and wise men were able to find their God because their hearts were open and searching. Where do we seek God and where are our journeys taking us? May we open our hearts and let God in!

God Bless
Stef Turcinovic (APRIM)