Catholic Education South Australia


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From our Principal Ray


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the diversity in our community with our traditional Harmony Day performances and parade.  It was a beautiful morning and joy on the faces of the children and parents was something to behold.  It was clear to all how happy and connected the children and families are to the school community. 

Of course, with cultural diversity comes religious diversity.  In my time here, I have been so impressed by the respect families have shown for the Christian traditions we practise, regardless of whether those families follow the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh or another faith.  I am deeply grateful for this, and through conversations with you and/or your children I have learnt a great deal about other religions. 

In the Christian tradition, next week is most important.  As Catholics, we remember the events of Holy Week – Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper with the apostles, His crucifixion and resurrection.  Your children will be learning about these traditions, just as I have learnt much about those of other religions.

As this is the last newsletter for the term, I want to thank you again for your trust and support.  Since Covid-19 became a part of our lives two years ago, in many ways this has been the most challenging of terms.  With the virus now so prevalent in our society, navigating our way through the changing rules around close contacts, keeping the school operating with so many staff in isolation, and being largely unable to meet with people face to face has proven to be very difficult.  I thank you all for understanding these challenges, and for continuing to be so supportive of our staff.

Have a happy and safe Easter, and enjoy the holidays with your beautiful children after next week.  Remember that the children finish for the term next Wednesday 13th April at 3:00pm and school resumes on Tuesday May 3rd.

Regards and blessings,