Catholic Education South Australia



From our R/1 Classes


In science we have been investigating what a force is and exploring how things move. This week we did an experiment with elastic bands and marbles. Our aim was to discover how far objects can move when they are pushed or pulled. It was so much fun to watch marbles zooming around the class!

Last term the Reception, Year One and Year Two classes did some gardening with Mrs. Hinter. We planted broccoli, tomatoes, spring onions, beans, peas, and strawberries. This was the first part of our Grow, Harvest, Share, Prepare topic that Mrs. Hinter is using to teach the children about the benefits of growing your own food. Sadly, the broccoli was ready in the holidays and turned to seed before we could eat it. The strawberries have been disappointing BUT the peas, beans, onions and tomatoes are producing a lot for us to eat. We have some photos to share below of us eating the beans and peas. Some of us loved them and some of us did not!! This term we are going to prepare some food with our produce starting with pizzas made with our tomatoes and onions. Stay tuned for more sharing of our great gardening tips and photos.

Tip 1: Don’t plant your vegetables if you are going on a holiday.