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From our Leader of Learning - Michelle


Dear Parents / Caregivers, 

The term is flying by, and teachers are busy planning, teaching and assessing student learning. Over the next few weeks teachers will begin writing semester one reports. As I'm sure you would appreciate, teachers spend a great deal of time compiling the information that makes up the “grades” you see on the report. As a parent, I know how important student academic success is, but the information I receive on the type of learner my child is, holds even more important information.  Does my child persist when challenged? Does my child work well with others? Does my child display empathy and kindness? Does my child follow instructions well? The comment your teachers writes about your child will highlight these skills along with their academic progress.  At St Bernadette’s we are deeply invested in developing the “whole child” and not just their academic skills. When you receive your child’s report later this term, we encourage you to look further than the grades, and to celebrate these skills along with their academic achievements.  

The Veritas building is progressing well. We are now at the “lock up” stage and are seeing walls, ceilings and cabinetry installed. Brand new furniture is being ordered and excitement is building amongst staff and students. At this stage we are still on track to be in our new learning spaces early in term 3. We are looking forward to a truly exceptional learning space!   

Kind regards,
Michelle Starr